Guidelines for Journal Contributors

The Editor reserves the right to proofread and edit as considered necessary. Shortening/inclusion of articles is also at the Editor’s discretion.

Photos should preferably be sent as jpeg files either as email attachments or on CDs or memory sticks (not floppy disk). Hard copy photographs can be used if of acceptable quality and will be scanned into the Journal by the Printers. The onus is firmly on individual contributors to choose and send only the photos they want to be published. The Editor reserves the right, however, to trim, resize, and position or omit photos.

Contributors should confirm in writing to the Editor on submission of articles if they want original manuscript, drawings, photos or CDs to be returned to them. These will be returned shortly after publication of the Journal only if requested.

Permission to print contributions must be given with all articles. Please include with your submission one of the statements below as applicable.

I own the copyright of the text and all illustrations and give permission to publish the material in the Kew Guild Journal.  


[Person or organisation name] owns the copyright to the text and all illustrations, and I have obtained permission from them to publish the material in the Kew Guild Journal.

Contributions should preferably be emailed to

Hard copy material can be posted to Sparkle Ward, Kew Guild Journal Editor, Flat 2,  62 Mortlake Road, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4AT.

Your updates for the ‘News of Kewites’ section should be sent to Pamela Holt at

If you have any queries, please do get in touch on