All About the Guild

Find out all about how we came to be, what we do, and how you can get involved as a member of the Guild today.

Since the Guild was founded in 1893, our activities and membership profile have all evolved, but we remain rooted to the guiding principle summarised in our motto: Floreat Kew. It’s a reminder of our collective duty to ensure the Royal Botanic Gardens, and everything they represent, continue to flourish long into the future.

Our Objectives

For staff and students past and present, membership of the Guild is a marker of shared personal and professional experience. At the same time, our members share a commitment to support Kew into the future, helping nurture interest in the Royal Botanic Gardens as an international hub for horticultural knowledge and expertise.

An important part of the Guild’s role, therefore, is to act as the communications hub for our community, sharing information about developments at the gardens while also providing updates on our members’ adventures in horticulture and plant science here in the UK and right across the world.

  • The advancement of horticultural, mycological and botanical knowledge for the benefit of the public, particularly (without limitation) in connection with the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • The encouragement and advancement of horticultural and botanical education for the benefit of the public, in particular at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, including (without limitation) by the provision of awards, prizes and grants to schools and students.
  • To promote the improvement, preservation and sound management for the benefit of the public of places of natural beauty, gardens and lands of ecological, horticultural, mycological or botanical importance or interest.

Become a Member of The Guild

When you join The Kew Guild, you not only become part of a rich and prestigious horticultural tradition, you also gain access to a number of exclusive member benefits.

The History of The Guild

Find out more about how the Guild has grown over time from our original foundations as a gathering place for Kew’s gardening staff.

Trustees & Officers of The Guild

Find out more about the Kew Guild Trustees & Officers.


Our Awards & Bursaries

A key pillar of the Guild is our work to support passionate horticulturalists and scientists, helping advance their own knowledge while furthering our wider understanding of the botanical world.