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Albert E.P. Griessen

1875 - 1935
Kew Gardener, 1896. At Botanic Gardens, Calcutta, 1898. Superintendent, Taj Gardens, 1900.
Agra, India 1937 where Albert was Superintendent to the Taj Gardens.

Born in London and educated in Paris, Versailles and London, Griessen entered Kew as a student gardener in June 1896, where he was appointed sub-foreman in the same year. At that time he was the youngest sub-foreman to have been appointed to the role, being just 21-years-old.

He continued as sub-foreman until 1898 when he was appointed to the Government Botanic Gardens at Calcutta. He soon transferred to Agra to act as Superintendent to the Taj Gardens. Griessen was tasked with restoring the grounds surrounding the Taj Mahal, as well as other gardens at Agra. He planned and laid out many gardens in Agra and wrote extensively about his work in India.

After thirteen years of service in Agra, for which he was awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind medal, for distinguished service to the British Empire in India, he transferred to Delhi.

He retired in 1930.

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