The Journal of the Kew Guild

The Journal is not only an unbroken annual record of Kew and the Guild since 1893, but is also a continuing channel of information about current courses and former staff and students across the world.

Guidelines for contributors to The Journal of the Kew Guild

Whilst we have regular contributors to the Journal, we also welcome articles from any Guild members, including from those who have not previously written for the Journal. We publish materials as diverse as the Kewites who submit them, including things from all corners of the globe, and from those with a particular expertise or viewpoint. As well as recording events of the Guild and life at the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Journal is a forum for Guild members. If you are doing, thinking or researching new, different or otherwise interesting stuff, tell fellow Kewites about it! The contents of the Journal can be as cutting edge as the Guild members who contribute articles choose to make it. Please follow the guidelines below.

The Journal is published annually in time for the annual dinner in late May, covering the events of one calendar year, with the deadline for all copy being 31st January each year.

Before submitting any contributions please read these further Guidelines for Contributors.


Obituaries are researched by Graham Burgess, often from information in the pages of previous Journals. If you would like to contribute to an obituary, please contact the Editor.

Notification of the passing of Kewites should be made to the Guild’s Secretary, or Kew Guild Secretary, RBG Kew, Richmond, TW9 3AB who will in turn inform other relevant Guild Officers. The Journal will normally only record obituaries of paid up Members of the Guild.