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Back-copies of the Journal of the Kew Guild have been digitised and are available to browse and search. Click the year number link to open each issue. Searching within a number is available once the document is open. When finished, close the document’s tab to return to this listing.

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  • When visiting the new Journal area, there will be a warning that the site is not secure. Please be aware that as there is no up-to-date personal information here, you can safely ignore this message. Please click 'Continue to site'. We are working to resolve this issue. 
  • To prevent the harvesting of postal addresses, the Membership Listings have been cut completely from issues since 1980 and truncated from earlier issues. This explains some ‘missing’ pages, particularly from near the end of each document.
  • Some documents have annotations in pen and these have caused problems for the optical character recognition (OCR) software used to recover the text. Please be aware that this and other OCR shortcomings may cause anomalies when searching the online journals.

The Kew Guild intellectual property copyright disclaimer

By submitting articles and photographs for the Kew Guild Journal Contributors agree to text and photograph/s being taken by a representative of the Kew Guild, for the purposes of publication in the Kew Guild Journal and Website. Contributors understand that the text and photograph/s will also be stored in hard/digital copy by the Archive at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, and that they may be used in future for further publicity. Contributors further understand that the copyright for these materials will thus belong to the Kew Guild and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Archive. If copyright belongs to a third party, contributors must be able to provide proof that permission has been obtained for both publication in the Kew Guild Journal and for storage/future use by the Archive at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.

  1. The Contributor owns the copyright of the text and all illustrations upon submission or has obtained permission from the owner to publish the material (and will provide evidence that the transfer of copyright has been agreed). 

  2. The Contributor hereby assigns to both The Kew Guild and Kew (Kew Gardens and its Archive, hereby referred to as ‘Kew’) absolutely and with full guarantee all such copyright and similar rights (including without limitation publication right) as may subsist in any photographs/text submitted for the full term for which such rights may subsist including any extensions and renewals and including all rights of action accrued at the date of this submission. 

  3. The Contributor undertakes to execute any document or to do any acts required to confirm that The Kew Guild/Kew are the sole owners of the rights hereby assigned.

  4. The Contributor warrants that:
  • the full exercise by The Kew Guild/Kew of the rights hereby assigned will not infringe the rights of any third party and that the Contributor is fully entitled to dispose of the rights hereby assigned;
  • the Contributor has not granted or assigned any rights of any nature in the Objects to any third party whatsoever in any part of the world.