The Journal of the Kew Guild

The Journal is not only an unbroken annual record of Kew and the Guild since 1893, but is also a continuing channel of information about current courses and former staff and students across the world.

Guidelines for Contributors

(Updated December 2017)

We have regular contributors, and also welcome articles and photographs from any Guild members, but first please contact the Editor well before spending time on preparation, to check space availability. Journal content is as cutting-edge as those who choose to contribute and we particularly seek to encourage historical information about members, their families, careers, contacts and reminiscences.

Please note the following requirements

The Kew Guild Journal is published annually in time for the Annual Dinner in late May. It covers the events of the previous calendar year, with a copy deadline of 31st January.

It is a Journal produced by members for members.

The Editor reserves the right to proofread and edit as considered necessary, including shortening/inclusion of articles. Articles should be submitted electronically. Photographs should preferably be sent as jpeg files either as email attachments or on CDs or a memory stick. Hard copy photos can be accepted if of an acceptable quality and will be scanned into the Journal. The Editor reserves the right to trim, resize, re-position or omit photos.

Contributors should confirm in writing to the Editor when submitting articles/photos etc. if they want any original material to be returned. If so, these will be returned shortly after the publication of the Journal.

The Kew Guild Copyright/Data Protection Disclaimer must be signed and submitted (as hard-copy by post or a scanned image by email) along with any articles and/or photographs.

NEWS OF KEWITES. Send this, and photos, direct to

OBITUARIES. This is obviously a sensitive issue. The Kew Guild is run predominantly by volunteers and there are Committee changes each year. Thus, to maintain continuity, we set out preferred action when a Guild member passes away. Please notify the Secretary (Sara Arnold) at of the death of members in the first instance, together with contact details of a partner, relative or friend. Only obituaries of fully paid up members of the Guild will be published in the Journal.

The volunteer Guild obituary writer will hope to contact next of kin at an appropriate time unless they have themselves notified the Guild Secretary and Editor in writing that they will provide the Editor with an obituary; and hopefully a photograph. Please check in advance with the Editor – to agree details, as space is limited. The Editor may need to edit copy for various reasons. We will endeavour to send one Journal to the next of kin if requested to the Editor in writing.’ Additional Journals may be purchased upon request to the Editor.

UPDATING. You are unlikely to receive your Journal and Guild mailings unless you are a fully paid-up member and our Secretary has your up-to-date address and email.

Remember – The Kew Guild is an organisation run voluntarily by members! Keep in touch. You are our history.