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Welcome to an even better-connected Kew Guild

News / 19th Oct 2022
Written by Chris Kidd, President of the Kew Guild

We are delighted to welcome members, friends and supporters to the new website of The Kew Guild.

More than simply a redesign, this site is symbolic of an important new chapter in the story of the Guild, providing us with a modern, digital presence that is truly befitting of our historic organisation.

Since it was founded more than a century ago, The Kew Guild has been a consistent thread that binds people – past and present – who have dedicated themselves in mind, body or spirit to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Over time, however, the Guild has evolved and adapted, drawing on the strength of its connection to the past in order to inform its future.

The new website has been designed to encapsulate this spirit. The words and images reflect an appreciation of our heritage through a contemporary lens. Pages celebrating our history are presented via a flexible, modern technology platform.

The website also means we can communicate more effectively than ever before to our various audience groups, whether they are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. We can share updates with members on Guild activities and we can encourage membership among budding horticulturists through better promotion of our various valuable support mechanisms:

  • Our Awards Scheme, which makes grants annually to individuals in need of assistance to support their careers or study objectives, often where other awarding bodies are unable to help.

  • Our charitable funding, which enables people, even before start of their careers, to see the rewards that a life in horticulture and plant-related science can offer.

  • Our support for work experience placements within Kew, which we will expand to foster the development of burgeoning careers.


For an organisation proudly founded in the nineteenth-century, we now have a truly twenty-first century platform to share these messages and support our organisation – a place that serves members today and allows us to reach out and connect with those who will help shape The Kew Guild’s tomorrow.

Amid this change, the Guild will, of course, remain consistent in its offering of fellowship among members, supported by a journal of news, a variety of garden visits, and regular opportunities to meet.

Membership of The Kew Guild is now open to all, our awards are available to all, and we are welcoming of anyone who is interested in being part of our journey and joining a community of friends connected through Kew.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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