Kewite-mail, December 2017

Dear Kewites and Friends,

A promising start to my Presidential Year and things are progressing regarding the ongoing changeover to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The committee has met twice since the AGM and it is disappointing that neither meeting contained enough members to vote on any decisions. This is just one of the issues that the new CIO will address and the Guild will not face this issue in the future.

The decision to employ a Charity Lawyer is proving fruitful and things have moved on considerably since that involvement. I will keep you all in the picture in the New Year when the transfer of assets takes place from the old charity to the new.

Everyone booked on to the Scilly Isles event is eagerly awaiting sampling the delights of the Islands and the fascinating flora and fauna. The Guild will be encouraged to run a repeat tour in 2019 as so many people were disappointed that they were on the reserve list.

Watch this space for a wonderful excursion to Bonn later in 2018 and I will be looking at an early summer trip to Kent Gardens and Nurseries.

Following the November meeting, the Guild hosted 10 young people from the Gardens at the Coach and Horses; the students were either from the Diploma course or the Certificate Course. It was so refreshing to mix with them and to hear about their varying backgrounds and to know why they chose to study at Kew. We look forward to welcoming them as active members of the Guild and thank our new Student Representative, Eve Halliday, for being an enthusiastic volunteer.

Our new Archivist, Astrid Purton, has been very active and is proving to be a great asset to the Guild, having already made substantial progress on sorting the archive boxes and providing the committee with a conservation report. Astrid has written a blog post regarding the archives, which will be published on the RBG web site and I will distribute the link when it becomes available. Astrid has also used the Guild as a case study in her MA dissertation entitled ‘Charity Archives and value’ and we wish her all the best of luck with that.

The post of President is a challenging one, not to be taken on lightly and I thank my fellow trustees for their support and advice.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas with friends and family and here I include my ‘Kewite Family’ across the globe.

Best wishes to you all for a prosperous and healthy 2018.

Jean Griffin, Floreat Kew!



The web site operation is moving on and considerable costs have been saved by moving the hosting company. The committee is looking to draft a policy for uploading content from members, with articles being sent to the Secretary for consideration

Kew Guild Journal

The editor of the Journal, Sparkle Ward noted that the deadline for Events of 2017 Journal for copy is 31st January 2018 please send any contributions to

Please email any ‘News of Kewites’ and any photos to Pamela at

Kew Guild visit to Guernsey

See the report by Alan Stuttard on the web site:

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