AGM 2019 Summary

The Kew Guild Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 7th September 2019 in The Lady Lisa Sainsbury Lecture Theatre, RBG Kew, at 2pm

Peter Styles opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming. The Kew Guild met five times during 2018-19 and all meetings were quorate.

  • The annual accounts have been prepared, approved and signed.
  • Membership as at 27th August 2019 was 339.
  • The Membership Secretary post is vacant and needs to be filled asap.
  • There were four events during the year plus a hugely successful Annual Dinner.
  • The Journal was published on time and on budget.
  • The Awards Scheme gave £6,195 during the year.
  • Tim O’Hare was nominated and elected as a Fellow of the Kew Guild.
  • Annual subscriptions will remain at £27 for ordinary members and £15 for students for the 2019-20 year.
  • Tim Upson retired as a Trustee.
  • Harvey Stephens has been approved as a Trustee subject to Fit and Proper Persons checks.
  • The archives are being well managed now.

David Simpson took over from Peter Styles as President for the year 2019-20. David has been a member of the Herbarium Staff for over 30 years. He thanked members for their nomination of him and said that he was looking forward to working with the Trustees and indeed all members over the coming year.

Date of next meeting: Saturday 5th September 2020, venue to be confirmed.

For Peter Styles’s report on the visits to the Agius Garden and the Great Pagoda, click here