AGM 2021 Summary

Cambrige Cottage, RBG Kew, 6th September 2021. Copyright Graham Heywood 2021.

The continuing President, Chris Kidd, welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting of the Kew Guild CIO and explained to members that the Guild are required to hold an Annual General Meeting. This was the first face-to-face meeting for nearly 18 months. The surroundings of Cambridge Cottage on a pleasantly warm sunny day was refreshing.

  • There were seven Trustees, seven Officers (two non-voting) and 16 voting members present.
  • The Secretary was happy to say there have been no deaths of members to report during the year. The President led a minute silence for those who may have passed and we are not aware, and for all those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Past President Dave Simpson requested the inauguration of Chris Kidd be brought forward on the Agenda, as this should have been carried out at the 2020 AGM (which was held on Zoom). Dave presented Chris with the President’s Ribbon.
  • The Trustees and Officers of the Kew Guild met four times on Zoom during the Presidential year 2020-21 and all meetings were quorate in accordance with the CIO.
  • The annual accounts have been prepared, approved and signed.
  • The appointment of the Independent Examiner for the annual accounts of 2021 was approved.
  • Finances are on an even keel and investments remained steady.
  • Membership as at 11th August 2021 was 323, with a reduction in paying members. The net increase of one member on last year is due to membership structure changes.
  • 121 members have signed up for the Direct Debit scheme.
  • The Events of 2020 Journal was published on time and on budget.
  • The long-standing Editor, Sparkle Ward, submitted her formal resignation and the President and members present thanked Sparkle and the whole of the Ward family for their input to the Guild over many years. They will be sorely missed.
  • The Award Scheme has extended the deadline further for awards to be taken up to September 2022.
  • The President attended Prize Day and the Kew Guild was not mentioned. Chris Kidd will urgently address this issue.
  • Anthony Ross has been nominated and approved for the 2021 George Brown Memorial Award.
  • The Kew Guild Medal for 2020 was awarded to Peter Holman, who has at last received his medal, along with the 2021 awardee, Professor Mark Chase, FRS. The 2022 Kew Guild Medal was awarded to Barry Newman.
  • Members present voted unanimously to update the Kew Guild Constitution, byelaws and handbook as per the documents supplied with the Notice and Agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Subscription rates will remain at £27 for Ordinary Members and £15 for Students.
  • Members present voted to accept the Five Year Plan the trustees have been working on this year. This plan was distributed with the Notice and Agenda.
  • Jean Griffin, Tony Overland and Peter Styles retired as Trustees. The President thanked them for all their hard work over many years of involvement with the Guild. They will be missed. Members gave them a round of applause.
  • Maxine Briggs, Brita von Schoenaich and Sylvia Phillips were approved as new Trustees.
  • Members voted unanimously to ratify Officers as distributed on the Agenda.
  • The President extended thanks to retiring and new Trustees and looks forward to putting the five year plan into action. Special thanks were extended to Jennifer Alsop who is stepping back from her advisor role in the very near future.
  • Cambridge Cottage has been booked for 26th May 2022 for the Annual Dinner.
  • The date of the next AGM is Saturday 3rd September 2022, venue to be confirmed.
  • The meeting was closed at 3.02pm.